Harick Services



Finest Expert Detailing

From a simple wash and vacuum to full polish and paint correction, we have you covered with full service auto detailing. A visual inspection of the vehicle is required to give an accurate estimate. We offer permanent ceramic coating for your vehicle. We recommend getting paint as perfect as possible and then sealing in that perfection with a high gloss ceramic coating. If you want to avoid rock chips, then PPF is for you! We have highly trained installers of PPF and can help protect that perfect paint job.

We only use the finest, cutting edge products available in the detailing world and are constantly updating as newer and more technologically advanced products emerge in the market. We will never use bargain brand cleaners and soaps and our entire detailing staff is trained on every product we use. Here are just some of the popular services we offer:

Wash, Vacuum, Clay Bar, Wax, Engine Bay Detail, Full Interior Detail, 1 Step Polish, 2 Step Polish, 3 Step Polish, Trim Dressing, Undercarriage Wash, Wheels- off Suspension Cleaning, 6-Month Ceramic Coat, 2-year Ceramic Coat, Headlight Correction, Sanitization, Interior Deodorizer, Carpet Cleaning/Stain Removal, Chrome Polishing, Leather Conditioning, Odor Removal, Windshield Sealant (RainX)