Harick Services



Quality Restorations

Auto restoration is complicated and time consuming for the customer, and we know that. Our team of project managers and highly skilled technicians take the anxiety out of the restoration for you, our customer. The vehicle is disassembled in house and reassembled with new or refurbished parts. After paint and body work is complete, the entire vehicle is reassembled here in our shop to the customers specifications.

From minor paint and body on your classic car to full frame off restorations, we do it. Beware of the fly by night shops that take your money, tear your car apart and then ask for more money. Often, they are using your deposit to finish someone else’s project because the money was mismanaged somewhere in the process. In the industry, we call this practice the “Restoration Ponzi Scheme”. Unestablished shops and even some of the big ones operate this way. We keep meticulous records and invoice regularly so you can always see where the money went. Our business is repeat business, and there is a reason, because our customers trust us to do it right, every time.